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One-on-One with Wiremü

As we build up to the much anticipated release of PT11 we visited close friend and super talented producer/DJ Wiremü at his studio in his home town of Leeds. Check out the interview here:

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself, where are you from and how did you first get into music production?

I live in one of the musical hubs of the North in Leeds. Love this place. So many great names on the underground scene came out of Leeds big scene to be part of. I stayed in Leeds after I studied I just had to that’s when I got really seriously into producing, I’ve had many studios over the last few years but have a solid setup just outside of Leeds now where I write and produce. It’s got great acoustics really out of the way where i can just produce all night long with no troubles.

2. Who are your main influences?

Other than the seasoned pros I have a few people around me who really take their music production as seriously as I do, people who are doing really well and improving all the time, they have a massive influence on me. I also really look up to artists that are already engrossed and successful in music production, as well as Djing. Seeing Instagram’s of them in their studio, putting studio videos on their Facebook showing different techniques they are using and the back catalogues of consistently good music, that also has a big influence on me.

3. You have a pretty unique sound, talk us through how you like to work in the studio and how you get your creativity going?

I love sequencers, these are one my favourite tools to spark any creativity whether it be baseline drums synth line, such a great tool to put any sound source in, and off you go, so I would say this is “mainly” where I start. I also love creating sounds from single sound source for example Sine Waves or square and then use a lot of subtractive or additive synthesis, I also like lfo’n start points of samples and filter modulation to name only a few of my favourite tricks, but then I also don’t forget the simple lfo modulations like Pan and Volume. I also love the engineering side of my production. I also like having a snare with my favourite reverb the UAD EMT 140 and I’m then able to creatively build a stage around that, not always creatively start like this by setting the stage this way but a positive is that it does give you some direction. In addition I also like to make my own instruments. I have recently made a Reaktor instrument using Multiple Euclidean Rhythm Sequencers based on the Euclidean rhythm theory. I have a real connection with it maybe because of my Maori heritage and the slight changing of beat through time.

Check out Wiremu's forthcoming EP on Pathway Traxx here:

4. You are not just a producer but have been Djing for a long time now under different names. Tell us about how you got into Dj'ing?

When I first started college a good friend of mine had decks. Will Gurrey, started mixing together and collecting records together. So a long love of Djing has 100% imbedded from then.

5. Where does the name Wiremu come from?

Wiremu is the Maori translation for William, and is a name that stands out and means a lot to me. I guess the connection being because the name Wiremu is part of New Zealand Maori History with many tribe members having that name across the centuries and I love this side of me because I feel that with the music and rhythms that I produce this really has a huge influence on the output, maybe subconsciously.

6. If you could spend the day in the studio with anyone who would it be and why?

I couldn’t possibly answer just one as there are many. Ricardo Villalobous, Roman Fugal, Martin Buttrich, Marcus Fix, Butch, Cassius, Zimmer, Eastend Dubs, but of all of the above at the top of the list would be Martin Buttrich. He once described his Analog desk as having a certain ring to it and that it sounds smoky, a description by a true artist about his art.

7. If you could get your hands on anyone's record collection who would it be?

Close friend and fellow signed Pathway Traxx member Kezla for sure, just an amazing collection of consistently incredible records. Also the most immaculate record case I HAVE EVER SEEN, every record sleeve in plastic, true dedication, Respect.

8. Finally, there is a lot of emerging talent nowadays. Who is standing out for you at the moment?

Janerett, Birdsmaking Machines, Varhat, Micheal James, Ian, Tijn, Traumer, Christi Cons amongst man many others. All really rated in my opinion with a great understanding of music production, really good music engineers. (There are many, many more)

For more info you can Follow Wiremü here:




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