At Pathway Traxx we pride ourselves on giving up and coming artists a vinyl platform to release new music, often alongside more established artists. As such we are open to demos, and will endeavor to get back to you, however we ask that you follow these guideline when you submit music:

  • Please provide links to Soundcloud private sets or tracks with downloads enables 

  • Please take the time to listen to our previous releases and understand our music style. 

  • please provide a short description of who you are, where you are from, artist background, previous releases and labels.

  • Please do not send more than 5 tracks at one time, 

  • Please allow us 2 weeks before recontacting us. 

  • Please understand that we get a lot of demos and its not always possible for us to respond to everyone.

  • Please do not either CC or BCC our email as part of a multi mail out or mass mailer. We expect that the music you send to us has not been touted around to lots of other labels or released to the general public. on your Soundcloud page. 

  • Please send all demos to or use the form below. 

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