Born in 2013 as a labor of love, Pathway Traxx is a vinyl only imprint, embodying the spirit of true house, techno and disco music! With Niko Maxen steering the labels sound and creative direction, Pathway Traxx provides a warm and welcome home for house, techno and disco without gimmicks. The label features up and coming artists such as Jack Wickham, Michael James, Primarie, Kepler, Liam Geddes, Oli Furness, and Jamie Trench alongside some musical heavyweights such as DJ W!LD and Nima Gorji. The sound of the label takes influence from a wide spectrum of sources ranging from the warehouse parties of Chicago, mid 90’s house, all the way through to the contemporary surge of Romanian minimal. With its limited pressings per release and distinctive colored vinyl’s, Pathways releases have become somewhat of a collector’s item, especially as the label places such strict emphasis on quality. As the labels 5th year approaches it shows no sign of letting up and continues to capture its well-earned corner of the underground scene.


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